Upcoming Conference

Effective Altruism for Christians

2020 Annual Conference

Location : TBD

Dates: TBD, spring 2020

We welcome scholars, thinkers, activists, and students to inquire about participation in this three-day experience. Check this page for updates on timing, location, and agenda.

If you are interested in attending the conference, please contact us via the contact form, and say something briefly about your background and areas of interest.


Prior Conference

Effective Altruism for Christians

2019 Annual Conference

“Effective Altruism and Christian Theology”

Location : Bethnal Green, London, United Kingdom

Dates: 6 April through 8 April, 2019


Our first annual conference was a great success, with attendees from around the world gathering for three days of discussion and fellowship.

Topics on the agenda included:
* Is Christianity compatible with an emphasis on the distant future?
* Is effective altruism reflected in the life of Jesus?
* What role should prayer, calling, and discernment play in decision making?
* Ought we apply the principles of effectiveness to evangelism?
* How should Christians engage in cause prioritization, and where does the local church fit?

Some of the results of these discussions have been shared in recent blog posts on