Upcoming Conference

Effective Altruism for Christians

2020 Annual Conference

This year’s conference was originally scheduled to take place in London but has been postponed in light of COVID-19.

On the original date of May 9, we are instead holding an online conference.

See event listing here for more details:

Prior Conference

Effective Altruism for Christians

2019 Annual Conference

“Effective Altruism and Christian Theology”

Location : Bethnal Green, London, United Kingdom

Dates: 6 April through 8 April, 2019


Our first annual conference was a great success, with attendees from around the world gathering for three days of discussion and fellowship.

Topics on the agenda included:
* Is Christianity compatible with an emphasis on the distant future?
* Is effective altruism reflected in the life of Jesus?
* What role should prayer, calling, and discernment play in decision making?
* Ought we apply the principles of effectiveness to evangelism?
* How should Christians engage in cause prioritization, and where does the local church fit?

Some of the results of these discussions have been shared in recent blog posts on